Coverage map

Enjoy Tušmobil mobile network. Your best choice.

While roaming in Slovenia select Tušmobil mobile network, technologically advanced 3.5G network, which enables speeds up to 21.6 Mb/s. Tušmobil's fast mobile network is an excellent choice for those who will be using a mobile phone or mobile broadband on your PC while roaming in Slovenia. By choosing Tušmobil mobile network you will be using one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly mobile networks.

How to manually select Tušmobil mobile network?

To enjoy fast Tušmobil mobile network, select the network on your phone manually. When you succesfully choose the network, any of the following signs will appear on the screen of your phone:

  • TUS

How to make calls while roaming in Slovenia?

While roaming in Slovenia you have to enter the international dialing codes priot to all numbers you call. Each number you dial has to start with + or 00, then enter the country code (for slovenian numbers 386) and phone number without leading zero, eg. +38670xxxxxx.

The coverage map shows where access to Tušmobil's GSM/EDGE 900/1800Mhz Network, in Slovenia, is possible. Signal availability may vary in certain areas due to various man-made and natural obstructions (mountainous and forested regions, buildings, vehicles, etc).

Population coverage: Tušmobil GSM/EDGE 98,90%

Factors which may affect signal strength and quality

Unlike fixed services network's, which tend to use copper wire or fiber optic to deliver services to the end user, mobile networks use radio waves through the air to deliver services to the end user. The strength and quality of the signal, in mobile networks, therefore can be influenced depending on location and conditions in that area, man-made obstructions (various building constructions, highly reflective glass, insulation barriers, steel roller blinds etc), natural obstructions (terrain, vegetation, extreme weather conditions, etc), capability and quality of the end user device.

The strength and quality of the signal in mobile networks is weaker in indoor environments compared to the signal in outdoor environments. In-building signal issues may be improved depending on the placement of the end user device. Using the device near windows and directed towards the mobile base-station can to some extent enhance the end user experience. USB modems and mobile routers can be equipped with external antennas to further enhance the end user experience when used solely in indoor environments.

To enjoy Tušmobil's Network to the fullest, we recommend using a 900Mhz GSM/UMTS class 8 device.